Elm on CodinGame?
(too old to reply)
Matthieu Pizenberg
2017-11-10 06:22:40 UTC
Hi all, just wondering if some of you were also wondering if elm could run
in a coding puzzles / multiplayer AI bot plateform.

CodinGame is one such plateform (French). I've participated in one
multiplayer contest few years ago. From what I remember, the way it works
is by giving some input to players and each player (coder) has to analyze
this input, compute a strategy and produce its action by writing to
standard output before the turn time limit.

This seems to be exactly the kind of architecture fitted for elm, similar
to what the elm runtime does for us in TEA.

I remember enjoying my time discovering Python 3 while coding for the
contest. While I'm aware coding contests are not perfect ways to learn
programming, I thought it could be a nice addition to how people learn elm
the language (and in a lesser extent the unidirectional cyclic flow of TEA).

Any thought?
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